Diamond Comb-footed Spider

Cryptachaea veruculata
Cryptachaea veruculata
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Cryptachaea veruculata is a spider native to Australia and New Zealand. It has been introduced into England and Belgium. The species has potential to control spider mites and leafroller caterpillars in New Zealand.

Diamond Comb-footed Spider

Cryptachaea veruculata

Is Diamond Comb-footed Spider harmful?

There is no data about harmful of this species. Don't forget to be careful.

Sientific classification

kingdom: Animalia
phylum: Arthropoda
class: Arachnida
order: Araneae
family: Theridiidae
genus: Cryptachaea


Females reach a body size of about 4 mm, males only about 1.5 mm. They sometimes build small webs in flowers and green vegetation, but will also build webs in corners of the outer walls of buildings.


This species was moved from genus Achaearanea in 2008.


Common names include Diamond Comb-footed Spider. In New Zealand, it is also known as just "cobweb spider".

Further reading

- Yoshida, Hajime (2008): A revision of the genus Achaearanea (Araneae: Theridiidae). Acta Arachnologica 57(1): 37-40. PDF