Coronis Fritillary

Speyeria coronis
Speyeria coronis
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Speyeria coronis, the Coronis fritillary, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae of North America. It is common from Baja California to Washington and east to Colorado and western South Dakota and once reported in Alberta. This butterfly is mostly orange and yellow with distinct dark-brown bars on the topside. The wing margins are dark with lighter circles then dark crescents. Silvery spots predominate on the yellowish underside. Wingspan ranges from 60 - 86 mm. Larva feed on Viola species.

Coronis Fritillary

Speyeria coronis

Is Coronis Fritillary harmful?

There is no data about harmful of this species. Don't forget to be careful.

Sientific classification

kingdom: Animalia
phylum: Arthropoda
class: Insecta
order: Lepidoptera
family: Nymphalidae
genus: Speyeria

Similar species

- Zerene fritillary – Speyeria zerene - Edwards' fritillary – Speyeria edwardsii