Garden Wolf Spider

Anoteropsis hilaris
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Anoteropsis hilaris
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Anoteropsis hilaris is a species of insect belonging to the family of beetles known as Cerambycidae. It is commonly referred to as the Hilarious Longhorn Beetle due to its comical appearance. This insect is characterized by its elongated body, long antennae, and vibrant coloration, which includes a combination of black, yellow, and red markings. Anoteropsis hilaris is primarily found in tropical regions, where it feeds on plant material and plays a role in pollination.

Garden Wolf Spider

Anoteropsis hilaris
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tree pest
garden pest
crop pest

Scientific classification

kingdom: Animalia
phylum: Arthropoda
class: Arachnida
order: Araneae
family: Lycosidae
genus: Anoteropsis

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